Richard Yamada, originally from Hawaii, came to Alaska in 1972, as a Russian Linguist in the U.S. Air Force. At the end of his tour of duty he went to work at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. His work involved extensive travel throughout the state of Alaska, from Angoon in Southeast Alaska to Point Hope on the North Slope.

In 1980, he moved to Juneau to start a small media production company. It wasn’t long before the lure of the outdoors and the excellent fishing turned his recreational hobby into a business. Richard opened Shelter Lodge in 1982. His first guests came from his home state of Hawaii, but now include guests throughout the country. You will still feel a touch of Hawaii’s “Aloha Spirit” until
this day.

Shelter Lodge

Jackie Yamada, originally from California, came to Alaska to work in the fishing lodge industry in 1988. She has worked every summer in Alaska since then. She is a graduate of the University of Alaska, Juneau, and has traveled to many fishing destinations throughout Alaska as a representative of Alaska Reel Adventures.

Kenji Yamada, was born in Juneau, but raised in Hawaii. He received his skipper’s license when he was 18 and has been guiding for nine years. He just graduated in 2005 with a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Eastern Washington. He is now the Operations and Personnel Manager at the lodge.