Click Here for July 24 Group Photos

4 Responses to Click Here for July 24 Group Photos

  1. Jane Yen says:

    Fabulous photos!!

  2. Gil Schoren says:

    T hanks for thinking of me, I really do miss not being with the group and all the good times and laughs.I appreciate the rib with the turbot, i am looking forward to being with the group next year

  3. Helene Ochi says:

    Thanks for everything.soo good to spend time with old friends and to make new ones. Skippers were awesome….staff were friendly and helpful. .see you next year!

  4. Lionel Onomura says:

    Much “Mahalo” to the staff and skippers for making this trip memorable, especially for the “rookies”. Delicious meals, bentos,and wraps. A very fun trip.

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