Click Here for More Preseason Photos!

4 Responses to Click Here for More Preseason Photos!

  1. Jackie says:

    Randy! I hope you remembered to put a big rock on the cooler so the mink can’t steal your catch!

  2. L. O. says:

    Shelter Lodge Group:
    Preseason photos getting the adrenaline flowing as July is just around the corner. Great to know that the fearsome foursome (Capt. B., Frank, Wade, and Kenji) will be guiding us each day. Waiting to meet your new staff members.

  3. Hey B…is that a hat or a chinchilla? Please don’t tell me that’s your hair. If it is, I must say it looks soft and fuzzy. Here I come baby!!!

    • B-ruxer says:

      Yeah kinda dropped the ball on my man-scaping. If only I could be bolo bolo like my friend in Mexico. Gotta love those underwater cameras. Love ya sands!

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