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  1. Jackie says:

    On the beach at 5am for departure to town. Ferry terminal check in at 6am. Ferry LeConte departs Auke Bay at 7am. Beautiful cruise down Lynn Canal. Arrive in Hoonah at 10:15am. Zip Rider Adventure at Icy Strait Point! SCARY! Currently the world’s largest zipline. 5330 feet long, 1300 foot vertical drop, 60 mph maximum speed, 300 feet highest point from the ground, 90 second ride! Small plane charter back to Juneau, just in time for dinner in town. DRUMSTICK for dessert and back to Shelter Island. Home sweet home!


    The Shelter Island Crew’s Trip to Hoonah was very interesting. This crew does an outstanding job in greeting and treating their guests. They sure deserve a trip out for great entertainment after all they do. I just can’t wait to see each days activity. I know I’ll be viewing some great catches again this year. I miss being there.
    Cheers, Bill

    • Jackie says:

      Thanks Bill! We had a great time and you’re right! The crew really did deserve a great day off. Glad to know folks are looking at the website! Fish on!

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