Click Here for June 7 Group Photos

4 Responses to Click Here for June 7 Group Photos

  1. Darryl Bailey says:

    Ho! Cass, Stop catching all MY fish!!!
    Hehehe….hope you guys are having fun while everybody else is slaving away at work! Enjoy….

    • Cassidy Okubo says:

      Bailey!! we had a blast up there! you should definitely go to alaska again but make sure you go to shelter lodge so all these fish can be yours too!!!

  2. Darrell Lee says:

    Congrats to all the employees of Shelter Lodge you made my stay at Shelter Lodge very enjoyable. Had to empty out my freezer to store my catch almost 100 lbs and we still didn’t max out but wait till next time! Richard & Jackie thank you very much!! Brandon Rux Fy

    • Jackie says:

      Hey Darrell! Enjoy your fish. Captain B seems a little quiet since you left. I think he misses you and Jason. NOT!! haha! Hope to see you guys in November at the banquet.

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