Click here for June 12 Group Photos

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  1. Jackie says:

    Yesterday, Matt noticed a humpback whale really close to shore infront of the lodge. Later in the evening Brandon noticed two large spots on the beach that were wiped clean of mussels and barnacles. We think the whale was rubbing on the rocks. Scientists don’t know why whales do this, but speculate that it “just feels good”.

  2. Tuan says:

    That is interesting. Hope he is there next week. 3 days and counting! How has the weather been?


    • Jackie says:

      Hi Tuan! Weather has been rainy, sunny, rainy, sunny…. typical Southeast Alaska. Sounds like they are catching some Kings this morning! Looking forward to seeing the Texans soon.

  3. Jackie says:

    We had a toast to Harry Okazaki on the first night. Many thanks to the Okazaki family for thinking of us and sending up the delicious Umeshu stash. RIP Harry.

  4. Jackie says:

    To the Honolulu Parks & Rec Gang – We’re having Summer Fun, too! Wish you girls were here!!

    • Erin Uchida says:

      Hi Jackie and all of the Shelter Lodge Gang: I’ve been looking through the photo albums and it sure does look like everyone is having a banner “Shelter Lodge Summer Fun”. It brings back wonderful memories of a great “first time” experience. Thank you for thinking of us. Hope you all continue to have a great summer of fishing, fun and food. Looking forward to planning our next fishing vacation. Take care everyone!
      P.S. For Wade: Got “sash”?

  5. Kenji says:

    Thank you everyone for a great week of fishing and THANK YOU for all your help at the fish cleaning table!! Greatly Appreciated!

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