Staff Camping Trip!

10 Responses to Staff Camping Trip!

  1. gf says:

    It’s about time you guys go camping! Looks like a fun camping trip!

  2. s y says:

    We are wondering what S.O. is doing squatting in the bushes. HA HA
    TY said hope she looked around for snakes first…..Hope she is having a good time….School will be starting sooner than she thinks.

    • Jackie says:

      Hi Sharon! LOL! Yep… you know Sandy. No snakes in Alaska. She had to stay close by to be safe from the BEARS! School? What’s that?! haha! Looking forward to seeing Tom and the gang in August.

  3. Mike Thome says:

    Was that Wade or Don King?

  4. Scuba Steve says:

    This reminds me of the stream we used to go to on the last day of fishing years ago. Is this it?

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