Click Here for July 13 Group Photos

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  1. Donald Young says:

    Glad to see the Lum Hoy’s plus the other hawaii people catching a lot of fish. I will be in Sitka Aug. 3 – 7 for fishing with our gang of eleven.


    • Jackie says:

      Hi Donald! Good Luck and have a safe trip!

      • Donald Young says:

        Thanks Jackie,
        Hope they catch a least two boxes of fish each person. Bummers that you can only catch one Halibut a day and not more than 25 lbs. Have a nice day.

        A Hui Hou!


    Word coming from Florida! You Boat Captains are putting your occupants on the Fish. The occupants in turn are putting the fish in the boat. What a great way to spend a fishing trip. The board pictures are outstanding. The entire staff at Shelter Lodge is to be commended. I’m longing to be there.
    Keep up the excellent work.
    Cheers, Bill and Dan

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