Click Here for July 25 Group Photos

5 Responses to Click Here for July 25 Group Photos

  1. bill louie says:

    Hey, I see that Rose and Teresa caught some black cod. My only question is which is the black cod vs. Rose and Teresa? Only kidding, ha ha


  2. Claire Bear says:

    I miss all of you lots!! Nice kings! :0) and has anyone told you…. You have the cutest pets?!?! :0) have a great last day of fishing everyone!!!!

    Claire bear

  3. Juliet Meece says:

    Holy Fish Fry Batman! Cheers to the best looking fisherpersons in the state of Alaska! I Carrumba….what a catch you two landed…can’t wait to hear the real fish stories in person. Nice job, Ladies!

    You humbled sis,

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