Click Here for July 18 Group Photos

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  1. Lynwood "Woody" Kobayashi says:

    Hello Ernie and Jennie. Carol and I Wish You the Best of Luck this week.

  2. Garret, Layne, Lena & Josh says:

    Have a great time fishing…Looks like you already are, Nice Rockfish Josh, I hear Lena Caught the first Silver way to go Lena, Garret in the video I seen you hand the deck hand the stick and turn away…Lol Have fun!!!!

  3. Jackie says:

    Hi Woody & Carol! Was talking with Ernie this morning and he and Jennie are already looking forward to fishing with you guys next year!

    • Lynwood "Woody" Kobayashi says:

      Hi Jackie,

      We can HARDLY WAIT! Just got an e-mail from Liesl Eng tonight and she said it was a little funny because they
      had to release so many Pink Salmon because they had already reached their daily limit. Looking at the daily catches each night, I feel like a player who is sitting on the bench waiting for his turn, only problem is our turn isn’t until next year. Take Care, we’ll see you at the Expo.

      Woody and Carol

  4. Jackie says:

    Garret, Layne, Lena & Josh: The above note was from M. Toti.

  5. Jean says:

    Josh…that’s a huge monster of a fish you caught Garret, Layne, and Lena, you all look like you are having fun. Wish I were there. Brings back memories. Happy fishing, and no bad storms!

  6. Karen says:

    Look like the Lahaina Boyz are having the time of their life…keep on catching 😉

  7. Jean says:

    Layne, your halibut seems bigger than you are. Bet you had aching muscles the next day. Garret…what HUGE catches! Hope your last day brings monsters…fish, that is, and not waves.

  8. Paul & Max says:

    Hey Okadas & Totis! Good to see your smiling faces and all your fish! Paul says he wanted to join you guys, ha, ha. Looking forward to hearing about your adventure. See you soon.

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