Click Here for July 30 Group Photos

4 Responses to Click Here for July 30 Group Photos

  1. Erron says:

    Looks like the fish boxes are getting full! Good going everyone! I know the boys are enjoying their graduation celebration- that picture with all of them holding their fish will last a lifetime.

  2. Jackie says:

    Wishing you were here to enjoy with us!

  3. Erron says:

    Thanks- I already told Mark we need to plan another trip in the future. After this, I think Jeff is hooked again too!

  4. Clay says:

    Mahalo to the Shelter Lodge Staff and Crew for making this such a memorable trip. We had an outstanding time with great service and accommodations. Best of all was sharing the Shelter Lodge friendship and aloha throughout our stay. The staff and crew made us feel at home and part of the Shelter Lodge family. I am certain that for some of us there will be future Shelter Lodge fishing trips the horizon.

    Mahalo again,


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