Click Here for August 17 Group Photos

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  1. Curtis togami says:

    Hey Jackie, where are the pictures?
    I am taking a break from prepping for dinner tonight for our friends
    On the menu
    Halibut ceviche w/avocados
    Fish (halibut) tacos
    Smoked salmon cream cheese spread w/onions & capers
    Misoyaki butterfish
    Smoked meat pan musubi w/furikake on top
    Beef teriyaki
    Shioyaki butter fish collars
    And deep fried black cod head/bones
    Almost forgot the kimura
    Wine, beer, sake, and shochu
    Good thing I bought your cookbook
    Tell the gang we said hi, even WADE, we all miss you guys



    • Curtis togami says:

      It’s me again, after a hard night at partying with friends, I am up drinking my coffee and prepping my salmon eggs for tonight, tonight is for family. All of the food we made was a hit. Tonight is basically the same menu but, with ikura and grilled shrimp. Thanks for posting the pics, I forgot about your limited Internet access. Tell duke and sandy to catch plenty and bring it to our Christmas party, bring the BC heads and bones back too, it is a winnah!


      • Jackie says:

        Hi Curtis! When is the party at your house?! I’m bringing the whole gang with me! hahaha! Glad you’re enjoying all your fish. I’ll be sure to tell Duke and Sandy cuz I think they said no to bones and heads. ;O Jack

      • Gail says:

        Curtis…Dinner sounds good! Bev, Randy and I will be over for dinner! What time? ha ha

        • Curtis says:

          Pupus @ 5pm Dinner at 6, Where were you guys? I made ikura – Sake, Shoyu, and Mirin, IT WAS GOOD! I didnt know so many poeple eat it, I only made one batch. I am Headed up on a redeye to Bellingham, Seattle and Spokane tonight so, you have to wait for my sushi night, all I need now is Uni

  2. Anzalone says:

    NIce looking fish!!!! Mark!!!!

  3. Jackie says:

    Last night Chef Kenny made Turbot Poke. GUESS WHAT? Everybody loved it! Maybe you might start seeing that at Tamashiro Market!

    • Curtis togami says:

      A few weeks ago we were watching a cooking food show, Kim chee chronicals and the fish they we’re eat sure looked like turbot.

  4. Jackie says:

    Happy Birthday, Charlie!!! Best way to spend his birthday…. fishing with his best buddy, Grandson Mark.

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