Click Here for Preseason Photos!

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  1. Scuba Steve says:

    I keep my weather software dialed into Auke Bay…Seems a little cooler than usual for this time of year. I was up for the first week of the season a few years back, and the weather was warmer. I didn’t realize Kenji was so photogenic!

    I’ve got a feeling in my bones this is going to be a rockin’ summer at Shelter Lodge.

    Scuba Steve

  2. Jackie says:

    Hi Scuba Steve! Can’t wait to see you guys in August! I think you’re right. This IS going to be a RoCKin’ Summer!

    • Linda Matsuda says:

      Hi Jackie, wow snow on April 28!!! I wish you all the luck this season, wish I was going to be there. I have to save my money for next year. Sarah and I are going to Scandinavia. She is retiring next year and that is her dream trip. We are going to Denmark, Sweden and Norway. I’m really excited. Maybe I’ll get to the lodge in 2015. Have a great year, I’ll be checking the website weekly.

  3. Jasin Lee says:

    ComRight On For Brent And Kenji catching Kings already!!! Cant wait to go in july!! See u guys soon!!

    • Jackie says:

      I was duped! Kenji didn’t catch that fish! WADE did!! We’ll be sure to save some fish for you guys!

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