Click Here for July 6 Group Photos

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  1. Randy Date says:

    A Jackie who is the real TUNDA in this group,I know its not Diane or you.Nice catch

  2. Carl Matsumoto says:

    Curtis & Diane,
    Our turn not soon enough!!! Only 357 days more…

  3. Colin says:

    OMG – It’s Curtis up there again. You mean you ate all your fish from last year????

  4. Curtis togami says:

    Two great days of fishing on we are getting ready for day 3, I will throw back the smaller one for you next year

    @ Colin
    Yes, we are back again as fill ins to take up space on the boats, you know how it is, tons of fun

    @ randy
    Who is the real TUNDA? I heard it is you

    Catch you guys later, we have to catch more fish for today’s picture

  5. Corinne Lee says:

    Thanks for posting the pics Jackie!! Glad to see that my dad (Ron) & cousin (Kevin) are having fun! I’m jealous lol! Hope you’ll catch your KING Salmon dad…today is your last chance…go get um’!!! Thanks again Shelter Lodge!!!

  6. Peter Fujimoto says:

    Great fishing for a great fisherman Ron Matsumura

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