Click Here for July 13 Group Photos

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  1. Jared Kim says:

    Been religiously looking at all the pictures and seen one today with Matt & Jackie in it. Did Matt finally get his Captain license? If so, congrats Matt.

  2. Linda Matsuda says:

    Is Matt working to become a “Skipper”. I think that is great if that is what he is doing.

  3. Lynwood "Woody" Kobayashi says:

    Good luck Bert! I hope you catch a huge halibut this week. Can you please tell Richard Nishida I said “HI” and good luck. Thanks.

  4. Lynwood "Woody" Kobayashi says:

    Good luck Bert.

  5. Erin Uchida says:

    HANAPAA…Bert & Kerry…you got your WHITE KING SALMON!!! …look at those smiles…and, props to Captains Jackie & Matt!!! …way to go Jackie Ann Crew!!!

  6. Masayo Rees says:

    I cannot wait to go there next year !
    Kerry and Bert and Sakai ..
    you guys are smiles just like a kids!

  7. Curtis togami says:

    Tell George the king he caught is the same king that Diane threw back. Nah, I will be waiting in his garage for the fish stories


  8. Erin Uchida says:

    HOLY *&#!!…that’s a MONSTER of a tako!!! Can’t wait to hear the story!!!

  9. Lynwood "Woody" Kobayashi says:

    WOW Bert! Unreal 25 1/2 pound Tako!

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