Click Here for August 10 Group Photos

4 Responses to Click Here for August 10 Group Photos

  1. Mona Dotario-Agor says:

    Yay! Hope David S. is having a blast!!!!! How can he not with all those salmon!!!!! Cheeeeee!

  2. Bernie Agor says:

    Way to David! Nice salmon!

  3. NaiaLove Shimogawa says:

    Just saying hi to papa David shimogawa! All the way from kauai, hawaii. Ee love you and cant wait to eat halibut for days!:) haha also awesome holoholo tales

  4. Victor Yee says:

    I wanted to provide information to all of you who were delayed on the Juneau to Seattle flight. Alaska Air a future flight voucher equal to the cost of the return flight. Hopefully, everyone is home enjoying their fish now. Great being with being with all of you

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