Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Each boat is outfitted with a bathroom, life raft, EPIRB, modern electronic fish finding equipment, GPS, downriggers and
all the fishing tackle you’ll need to bring in the big ones! Four anglers are the norm on each vessel, though parties of
five or six are welcome. Each of our Coast Guard licensed captains know exactly where to take you for an unforgettable
fishing journey.

Since salmon fishing usually involves using different lures and depths on each of the four poles set out while trolling, a fair method of selecting who fights in the next fish, and on what pole, must be determined prior to fishing.

METHOD ONE (Strike Rotation): A random drawing will be made to determine a fishing order. The first fish that strikes on any of the poles will be fought by person #1, the second, by person #2, etc. What determines a turn should be clearly understood by all the people aboard (I.e., if fish is missed, the turn rotates to next in line or turn is kept until a fish is landed). This method insures everyone will get an equal share of fish caught, provided a fish is caught on each turn at the poles.

METHOD TWO (Pole Rotation): A random drawing will be made to determine a pole assignment order. Anglers will rotate poles every hour and will fight any fish which strikes his/her assigned pole during that hour. This method provides each angler with a chance to catch a fish during the entire trolling period and not having to wait until three fish are caught before fishing again.

Each guests will hold their own rod and fight their own fish.

Shoreline fishing is usually best during the months of May, June and July and possibly the first week in August. Shelter Lodge provides shoreline spinning rods, reels, and numbered fish bags for those who wish to do shoreline fishing. Unguided shoreline fishing is available in the evenings.